Doubling Problem-Solving Skills

By  Brooke Mullins

Deciding to pack your bags and fly overseas to a faraway continent is  a huge life-changing decision, so it’s only natural that I expect to gain a lot from our time in Chengdu, China, this summer. During my first trip abroad, I remember the way it felt to watch the walls of my small and closed world come tumbling down. I’m expecting the same eye-and mind- opening experience while we learn about and experience Chinese culture and history and make unforgettable memories and friendships.

I’ve never been to China, yet I feel as though I am going to find but another home abroad in Chengdu. This will be my first time travelling to a country where I have close to zero knowledge of the language, so I’m absolutely positive that my problem-solving skills will nearly double during our time there. Problems we’ve never considered before will rise before all of us, which means this trip will truly be an experience filled with imaginative solutions and awestruck wonder. Through this amazing chance to travel to China, I expect to gain nothing less than terrific memories, creative, professional and personal skills and friendships last me a lifetime.


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