A Deeper Love for the World

 By Grace Blackley

I have never traveled overseas, but the Sichuan program has jump started my experience abroad. I applied on a whim and ordered my passport as quickly as possible and met with travel members. I’ve learned that this is a lot bigger than I expected. So far, I have gained confidence by pursuing what I once thought was a crazy dream. I didn’t expect to travel abroad while in college because of the cost, but this is an offer I couldn’t pass up. I am forever grateful to the College of Communication and Information for making this trip a possibility for me. I’ve learned to take control of my own destiny.

In China I’ll be pushed out of my comfort zone — eating new food, living in completely different conditions (including traveling with my own toilet paper), and I’m expecting some culture shock.Americans tend to value material possessions so while I am abroad, I hope to gain a deeper love for and understanding of the world. I welcome new experiences and expanding my horizons by meeting new people and visiting new places. I’m proud to say I can bring my experiences back to Ohio and Kent State to share all I’ve seen and learned about the Chinese culture. One day, I hope that I can say that I have traveled most of the world. I hope my joy comes from my lived experiences instead of from material possessions.


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