Seizing The Opportunity

By Michael Gallagher

As I think about what my time will be like in China, a  foreign land that I have heard so much about, my expectations are simple yet very important. When I land in China on July 2 after a very long flight, I expect to be very enthusiastic about the new culture that I will be immersed in. I also assume I will be very eager to see everything that is Chengdu. I am sure for the first day or two I might feel a little out of place with the rest of the country, but this will not stop my sense of adventure in this brand new world. My desire to travel and seize this opportunity will help me overcome any confusion or questions I may have when I am in China.

As I travel through this new and interesting place, I will be accompanied by some amazing people. When I applied for this program, I did not know a single person. I certainly recognized a few people, but no friends. I was okay with this because I knew that the people of Kent State are very welcoming and are great company. This was one expectation that was quickly met. I feel like I have already made friends and expect that these relationships will grow throughout the trip and beyond. China will help me become more understanding of a whole new culture, and I will have the chance to build new relationships throughout my travels.


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