‘The Brush Strokes’ of China

By Amrita Datta 

It was not long ago when I realized that I would be packing my bags for another long flight this summer. Being an international student from India, it is always exciting to hear about the opportunities provided by our University to expand our horizons. When I found out about the Sichuan Summer Immersion program, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to go back to Asia and learn about its diversity and culture again.

The scholarship provided by CCI is the cherry on top to this wonderful opportunity to pursue a challenging journey. I would like to immerse myself as a VCD student through the brush strokes of ancient Chinese calligraphy. This will be my chance to explore the different forms of art, language and food that the country exudes. I believe this will be an exciting adventure to help me grow as an individual. I hope to gain knowledge that’ll help me in every aspect of my life. I feel like this is the beginning of something wonderful.


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