Home Sweet…Suitcase

It’s almost time to start packing. Some of our Sichuan Immersion Program Scholars weigh in on the one item from home they plan to take with them to China:

  1. “My passport, so I can get back home!” Gabrielle Woodard13339444_10208711882547378_6163381346754560679_n
  2. “I’m considering bringing Old Bay Seasoning, because I can’t eat a meal without it.” Carrie Georgeoldbay
  3. “My travel buddy DumDum who has been to a few countries with me, and I’ve had him all my life. My grandmother’s prayer beads to keep me safe from harm, and my favorite ethnic silver turquoise earrings which my Dad bought for me.” Samyak Moktan 13428354_10210070142329280_2665412105944726499_n
  4. My sketchbook, because I can’t go anywhere without it.” Amrita Datta13346372_1104129339625737_4396239114988616931_o
  5. “Tons of photos of my furbabies. Two weeks is a long time without them!” Brooke Mullins13391436_1458959264130082_7054415966153563984_o
  6. “I’m taking this picture of my girlfriend. I’ve been instructed to call her every day we’re there, so hopefully this picture will remind me.” Joseph Young13428469_10201683095035530_7114983822483672661_n
  7. “I was planning on bringing this little guy for the plane, but I’m sure it will help if I get homesick.” Ellen Morales13343099_10209643263708490_4660171934107836974_n
  8. “Mosquito repellent…my best summer accessory.” Stephanie SmithRepellent

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