A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

By Kenae Hughes

As I am preparing for the Sichuan summer immersion trip in Chengdu, China, I am looking forward to a beautiful and life-changing experience.

Living in the United States of America, I’ve been given many ideas about what life in China consists of. For the first time, I have been given the opportunity the see the magnificent land and a way of life. Knowing that this is a unique opportunity, I plan to cherish every moment during my stay. I plan to increase my awareness of the culture and develop an even greater respect for the people. I plan to do so by observing how the people in China live and comparing their way of living to my life. I would like to face the challenge of adapting to the different culture and possibly adopting some of the differences that I become aware of.

There are many people who take their way of living for granted, until there are circumstances that make a person come to the realization of what is really important in life. I would like to arrive back to the U.S. with a greater appreciation for life that I may not have appreciated before traveling to China.

Last and most importantly, I would like to gain memories that I could share with my friends and family during the Sichuan Immersion Program. I would like to have a once-in-a- lifetime experience.


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