Preparing for a Huge Opportunity

By Gabrielle Woodard

There is so much to digest about spending two and a half weeks in Chengdu. Traveling to such a different culture makes me excited and moderately nervous at the same time. I am so excited to learn about Chinese culture, student life and absorb as much information and sites as I can while in Chengdu. I am also looking forward to learning from the wonderful students that I am traveling with, they all have interesting backgrounds, knowledge sets and interests. I can’t wait to learn from them as well.

While in China I hope to gain a better handle on international travel. I really want to explore the world, but never have had to deal with jet lag (my only international travel experience is Mexico and staying in the same time zone). I also hope to gain a traveling confidence in myself, there are a lot of details to maintain control of while abroad and I am looking forward to experiencing this with my colleagues. Right now balancing and preparing myself for this trip is a little overwhelming, I am just excited to be on our way!


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