Five Signs You’re About To Study In China

By Taylor Meade, ‘17

Nineteen Kent State students are participating in a two-week cultural immersion program at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China in July. After speaking to a few participants, a trend of humorous difficulties emerged. Somehow, all of these problems were easily relatable to cats.


  1. Eating everything with chopsticks, even breakfast.

Have you ever tried to pick up rice or noodles with chopsticks?  Turns out the students are even trying to use chopsticks while eating breakfast cereals. Of course you might be able to find some traditional silverware you would see in the United States, but why not try to follow the Chinese customs?


  1. Constantly using Google to check the Chinese currency.

Some students are thinking, “Did I order the right currency at the bank?” “Did I get a good conversion rate?” “How much money will I even need?” When traveling abroad, ordering money can be one of the biggest struggles. Thank goodness there are ATMs and credit cards.


  1. Start telling yourself, “110 degrees isn’t that hot.”

With the average high of 84 degrees in July in Kent, Ohio, these students are in for a heat wave.  But just think, when they come back, they will think Ohio summers are “cold.”


  1. “Wait, what texting application are you using again?”

Going abroad can be a little difficult when it comes to communicating with those back home. But just remember, you are in CHINA. That is probably much cooler than what your friend is doing. Plus, Ohio is 12 hours behind.


  1. Settling on the right backpack

Students will be traveling and taking classes so a backpack is recommended. Finding a backpack that can fit your Snuggie, laptop and snacks in, is essential. Plus, airlines abroad have different requirements when it comes to weight and dimensions of the luggage itself.


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