Ready to Take Risks


By Carrie George

Though I have left the country before, I have only visited very western countries. While these experiences were incredibly meaningful and valuable to me, the cultures in which I was immersed were just broad extensions of my own. Their unique qualities certainly stood out to me, and even impacted me, but the overall experience was strangely familiar and much too far within my comfort zone for my too-curious-for-my-own-good spirit.

I do not expect to be this comfortable in China. I do not expect it, nor do I want it. Cliché as it may be, college is the time for stretching comfort zones. It is the time to take the risks you’ve always been too young to take and the risks you’re about to be too old to take. But it’s also about learning, Learning and experiencing the world around you. As a part of the Sichuan Program I expect to stretch my comfort zone significantly farther than I ever have and to learn more about a culture that has never been much more to me than picture in textbooks I pretended to read. In short, I expect to have the experience of a lifetime.


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