Visiting a ‘Neighbor’

By Samyak Moktan

The prospect of going to Chengdu, China, while I was already studying abroad in the United States seemed surreal at first. It seemed surreal until I got my acceptance letter, which stated that I was among the 20 scholars selected for the summer immersion program. China and Nepal, my homeland, are neighboring countries; they are right next to each other. However, it had never crossed my mind to pay our neighbors a visit until this moment, when my suitcase is already half-packed to take that journey of thousands of miles to Chengdu, China, this summer. Moreover, this journey of mine is going to be with 19 other dynamic students and one fascinating professor, which guarantees that this experience of mine is going to be superlative.

The thought of traveling to any foreign land recharges my spirit and the very idea of immersing in a culture different than mine excites me. Since we are going to Sichuan University for a cultural exchange, every inch of me is ready to start this wonderful adventure through the classes we will take and the myriad places we will be visiting. I plan to soak up some sun, as well as the energy of this vibrant place that I have been given an opportunity to visit. I look forward to this novel adventure and in the process share this momentous period in my life with my fellow Sichuan scholars who will be with me every step of the way, literally! Lastly, I also plan to take some Kleenex with me to wipe away happy tears when I see the pandas.


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