A Different Way of Life

By Madison Spreitzer

I am beyond excited to go to China, as I have never been outside of the United States before, and I know China will be drastically different. I am ready for the culture shock. I want to go outside of the country to see what it is like to be immersed in another culture. I do not like to always follow the social norms that have been structured for our society. I think to myself, who was it that decided that we must live by these “rules” and that they are automatically “correct?” I think it is ignorant to think that our culture is correct, because that is all we know, and we have grown to accept that way of life. I mainly want to go to China to see a different way of life, so I can get out of the mindset of thinking the way Americans do things is “correct” or the “best way.”


I have just become a communication scholar this past semester, so I think this trip will be a great way for me to make friends with people in my major, and have the experience of studying abroad together in common. I am a fairly spiritual person, and I believe that going to China will only strengthen my spirituality. I am looking forward to meditating while I am there, as I heard the city we are going to be in is very peaceful. There is a lot that I am excited for, really, but a lot of that I am not able to comprehend yet.


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