Sichuan University Immersion Program Opening Ceremony

On the first full night of the trip, the Sichuan Scholars from Kent State University attended the Sichuan University Immersion Program’s Opening Ceremony. A few students reactions are below.

“Tonight we gathered in the gymnasium of the JiangAn campus with over 500 international students and faculty for the opening ceremony of UIP (University Immersion Program). We saw many performances from Bollywood style dance to traditional Chinese opera with lightning speed mask swapping. It was an incredible way to display the many cultures that are attending the program with us. It was such a spectacular show and I can’t wait to study with my peers from around the globe.”- Ellen Morales

“The Sichuan University student immersion program  was a very inspiring one. Students and professors from all over the world, including India, Belgium, Italy, Canada and many more were in attendance to hear some professors speak and to watch some amazing performances! We learned the importance of learning, especially internationally, and to be grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity. The University’s orchestra played beautiful, traditional Chinese music at the beginning of the ceremony to really set the mood. The music was like music you would hear in an American Chinese restaurant, but more exciting. At the end of the speeches and before the performances started, all the professors and student representatives who spoke had a drum to beat quickly to represent the unity of cultures and learning as confetti blew into the air. It was truly an unforgettable experience, thank you Sichuan University!” -Grace Blackley.

“The opening ceremony was more amazing than I could have ever expected. When someone told me at breakfast that it was comparable to an Olympic opening ceremony, I was doubtful. When the Chinese opera dancers with changing masks performed, my opinion quickly matched the statement at breakfast. It was inspiring to be in a room surrounded by other people as excited to learn over the next two weeks as I am. There is still so much more to explore about China, but being immersed in the culture is such a privilege.” -Gabrielle Woodard


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