Uniquely Sichuan

By Michael Gallagher II

Chengdu, China: a city filled with lights, food and amazing people. When we finally landed after 14 hours on a plane stuck in one seat, I felt at ease. As we went through customs and got out bags, it became real to me that I was really in China. I have never been out of the States before, so being that this is my first time abroad I was very excited. I had an incredible time here in China. The people have been so gracious and accommodating toward us, which has helped our transition into the culture much quicker. They have guided us, translated for us and have become great new friends. If Chengdu is known for anything besides Pandas, it is the food. Here there is so much variety and tons of unimaginable items. Even as a vegetarian, I am finding interesting and delicious foods to eat. When I cannot find something I can go to the convenience store for something. I even went to Starbucks here in Chengdu. Here, they have a Honeycomb Mocha Frappuccino and it is fabulous. The city is so big and incredibly interesting to see. The architecture of the buildings is very diverse as I walk through town. But what makes the city even cooler is the fact that many of the buildings have amazing lights that go around the structure. This gives an amazing energy to the city that is uniquely Sichuan. I look forward to have more adventures throughout my time here in Chengdu.


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