Different Culture, Same Interests.

By Gabrielle Woodard

During our last week in China, the group was able to sit and talk with Chinese students about the similarities and differences between our cultures. The Chinese students passed around spicy lotus fruit for us to try as we bonded over our love of movies, sports, music and fashion. I was able to make friends with several Chinese students during this time and exchange Wechat information so we could keep in touch. Some of these students were sweet enough to message us and take us around Chengdu. It is much easier to barter at a market when you are with a Chinese translator.

During this time, I bonded with a girl whose English name was Cindy. Along with her roommate and friend, Cindy took several of us shopping at Jinle, a bustling, ancient outdoor market. At dinner Cindy and I bonded over our love of “Gossip Girl” and how we both consider our moms our best friends. It was amazing how quickly state borders collapsed as we bonded over normal things. Cindy told me about how she would love to go to graduate school in the US, but the GRE is very hard for someone who doesn’t have an expansive English vocabulary. I am honored to call Cindy my friend.


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