Global Cultures, Progressing Together

By Tyler Haughn

Looking back on my time in China, I wouldn’t say there was ever a specific experience that stuck out to me in particular, but rather a collection of experiences. These experiences occurred in the classrooms and around Wangjiang campus, where one could see students and faculty from around the world working together. These experiences were the most transformative for me, especially in such a time of unrest. It was reassuring to see students hailing from such a wide variety of nations, ethnicities, cultures, religions and views, working together and engaging in thought-provoking dialogue, as well as learning from one another and progressing together. These experiences are indicative of the true power behind knowledge and academia, as it transcends all social constructs and epitomizes the collective human experience, which we all express in such a diverse manner. These experiences most definitely reassured me that for future generations it is absolutely imperative to foster thoughts of tolerance, empathy and diversity. I am most thankful and humbled by the generosities of Sichuan University and the College of Communication and Information for allowing me to have this wonderful opportunity.


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